"G-SHOCK Pick & Match - Game Rules (General)"

The following rules are laid down by “Casio Singapore Pte Ltd” for the “G-SHOCK Pick & Match” game.

  1. Objective

    In this G-SHOCK Pick & Match game, an intending Participant has to play the online game at casiogames.com.sg to trigger the in-game mini-draw. A prize, awarded randomly, from our pool of prizes and in accordance with the Rules shall qualify the Participant for a prize or prizes as provided in these “G- Shock Solitaire” Game Rules (General).

  2. Participation in “G-SHOCK Pick & Match” Game and Draws
    1. To participate in the “G-SHOCK Pick & Match” Game, the Participant has to play the game on our microsite at casiogames.com.sg, win an in-game prize and provide us with their contact details.
    2. Prizes are to be collected at such place, before expiry date, as may be decided by the Company. See “Prize Table” for details.
    3. Each “Prize Redemption Email” shall have a serial number and Prize Description which shall be communicated to the Participant in email.
  3. Redemption Rules
    1. In-game mini-draw winners will be notified and given a “Prize Redemption Email” via email upon winning the in-game mini-draw. Email has to be provided upon winning to receive the “Prize Redemption Email”. “Prize Redemption Email” shall contain a unique Serial Number and “Prize Description”.
    2. The “Prize Redemption Email” is to be shown to our outlet staff for verification upon collection of prizes. We reserve the rights to reject any redemption made without the “Prize Redemption Email”.
    3. Each winner shall select and redeem only one (1) prize per category at any one time, regardless of number of prizes won in the in-game mini-draw. In-game mini-draw prizes are non-transferrable.
    4. All “G-Shock Vouchers” can be collected at any of the official Casio, G-Shock Casio, G-Factory outlets in Singapore, except IMM outlet. Visit http://bit.ly/gstoresg for all official outlet location.
    5. “G-Shock Vouchers” can be used for purchases above S$150.00 in a single receipt at all official outlets, except for IMM. “G-Shock Vouchers” cannot be used for “Limited Editions” watches and cannot be combined to be utilised. The vouchers validity are till 31 March 2019.
    6. This voucher can be used at all G-FACTORY, G-SHOCK CASIO and CASIO stores in Singapore except G-SHOCK OUTLET at IMM.
    7. Vouchers cannot be combined. It is valid for use with a minimum spend of $150 in a single receipt. Applicable to G-SHOCK and BABYG series. Exclude GMW, Limited Edition and MRG series.
    8. For regular priced items only. Cannot be combined with any other offer, promotions and discounts.
    9. G-FACTORY members can earn Reward points based on the nett purchase value after deduction of voucher redemption at G-FACTORY, G-SHOCK CASIO and CASIO stores only.
  4. Voucher cannot be refunded or replaced.
    1. CASIO reserve the right to refuse acceptance of the vouchers if forgery is suspected.
    2. All other “Prize Vouchers” can be collected only at selected outlets, please refer to “Prize Redemption Email” for details or “Prize Table” below.
    3. Prizes are subject to availability and on a first-come-first-serve basis. The Company reserves the right at any time to limit the total quantity of each Prize, as listed in the Prize Table, to be given out.
  5. Prize Table
    1. The prize pool and redemption outlets for the “G-SHOCK Pick & Match” Game under these “G-Shock Solitaire” Game Rules (General), shall be as follows:-

      No Prize Description Redemption Outlet Location
      1 G-Shock “$38 Off” Voucher All official outlets, except IMM
      2 G-Shock “$68 Off” Voucher All official outlets, except IMM
      3 G-Shock “$88 Off” Voucher All official outlets, except IMM
      4 G-Shock “10% Off” Voucher All official outlets, except IMM
      5 G-Shock Origins Socks All official outlets, except IMM
      6 G-Shock Limited Edition $20 Off Voucher G-Shock Casio (Vivocity) only
      7 Pair of Golden Village Movie Tickets G-Shock Casio (ION Orchard), G-Shock Casio (JEM), Casio (Tampines Mall), G-Shock Casio (Vivocity) only
      8 $5 Grab Ride Voucher G-Shock Casio (ION Orchard), G-Shock Casio (JEM), Casio (Tampines Mall), G-Shock Casio (Vivocity) only
      9 $10 Starbucks Card G-Shock Casio (ION Orchard), G-Shock Casio (JEM), Casio (Tampines Mall), G-Shock Casio (Vivocity) only
      10 $20 Off Love Bonito Voucher G-Shock Casio (JEM) only
    2. [CNY Grand Draw]
      Entry to [G-SHOCK Casio Grand Draw], participants are required to enter their contact details and purchase receipt number at the store where they have made their purchase.
    3. Draw Entries to G-SHOCK will be open from 1st February 2019 to 31st March 2019.
    4. [G-SHOCK Casio Grand Draw] will be conducted on G-SHOCK Singapore’s social channels on 1 April 2019.
    5. [G-SHOCK Casio Grand Draw] winners will be notified via email and contact number within 1 week of draw date.

      Prizes Description
      1st A pair of Singapore Airlines Economy Air Tickets to Tokyo
      2nd 2D1N River Loft View Hotel including Breakfast at The Warehouse Hotel Singapore
      3rd Glamping Premium Romantic Package
      Consolation Gold Bar 1gram x 30 pieces
      Consolation G-SHOCK Bag Packs x 50 pieces
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